Dark gift Fanasty awaits



     I know that a gentleman would never need to be told how to conduct himself. However, occasionally I encounter someone who is either new to companionship, or has never been told. Therefore, I have written a few tips/reminders to help our encounters operate as effortlessly as possible.

Please be punctual

     I am anxious to meet aren’t you? Let’s not waste another moment. Tardiness will be counted against your time.


     Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness and generosity will be appreciated, reciprocated, and rewarded. I reserve the right to terminate the booking at any time for any reason. Please, don’t give me a reason.


     Screening is mandatory for all first time clients, and may be required for returning clients that haven’t been seen recently. If you are a P411/TNA/TOB member, I will need your handle. Any attempt to negotiate screening will result in immediate blocking/blacklisting.

Discretion is Key

     You will receive clear instructions for arrival, including the incall address, no sooner than the day prior to the appointment. Please leave the investment in an unsealed envelope in plain sight upon arrival. If we are meeting in public, please place it in a book, greeting card, or gift bag within an envelope. Please do not hand it directly to me. Also, I will immediately terminate the date if I have to ask for it.

Getting to know you

     Please be polite in your messages. I do not provide a “menu” of services, and any messages of an explicit/derogatory nature will go unanswered. Also, do not fret if I do not answer your inquiry immediately. I personally handle all of my scheduling/communication/screening, and I will respond as soon as I can.

It’s a small world after all

     On the off chance you see me in public, I kindly ask that you do not approach me. ESPECIALLY if I am out with my family. If I notice you, I will smile.


     I am happy to provide references for suitors via TOB,P411 or TNA or you can do a review which will serve as my reference. Must be a recent reviews. Otherwise I do not give out my name to other provider as I have mentioned what are my requirements for a reference.

Cleanliness is close to…

     Good personal hygiene is a must. My bathroom is available for your use. You may be required to wash upon arrival and I will supply soap and mouthwash. Please be mindful of washing times prior to arrival. Refusing to shower will result in the immediate termination of our date without refund.


     There are times in life when we find ourselves in unforeseen circumstances. I completely understand. However, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the unfortunate event that a cancellation is necessary, I ask you to review the following policy:

     72+ hours notice: 100% of your deposit will go towards a future booking rescheduled within 14 Days.

      24-48 hours notice: 50% of your deposit will go towards a future booking rescheduled within 14 Days.

     Less than 24 hour notice/No call no show: Failure to notify me of your inability to meet in a timely manner will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. If you no call no show, your deposit will not only forfeited, but I will place you on my Do Not See list. I will also require the remaining balance for the time of your missed appointment IN ADDITION TO a 75% good faith deposit, should you attempt to reschedule.