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Guests Reviews

Seen on 3/26/21She rubbed me in oil.Good convo.Sexy black tight dress.Soft tits.Big Booty slim waist.I bent her over.Wet! Lots of fun with her!~Dbotion

Seen on 8/18/20 Sexy chocolate!!!!! Had a great time!!! Was able to accommodate what I was looking for!!!!~Supwichu2nite

Seen on 6/16/20 Amazing, wonderful woman. Worth the time spent. ~ fwch

Seen on 2/14/20 She is beautiful, fun and classy. She really takes care of you from the moment you walk into her location.Her location is upscale and easy to access. She makes great conversation and has a very positive vibe and charming personality. She gives a very good massage. She makes sure that you get her 100 percent attention and she will make genuine connection. I would definitely see her again and would recommend her to others.~Dreamer2009

Seen on 2/13/20 Had a great time with her. Easy setup, smelled and looked great. She was a blast to hang out with. Will definitely see her again. ~Timmy45

Seen On 2/5/20 After some difficulty getting together, we finally met. Had a great time. Awesome body rub and other activities and also amazing dirty talk.~Marsh80

Seen on 12/15/19 That’s a PHAT ASS! First off, I apologize for not introducing myself properly when we met at the front door. I’m pretty sure the first words from my mouth was ‘thats a phat ass’. I normally introduce myself, ask how you doing, compliment how beautiful you look and so on. But! That booty! Got me hypnotized!!I had so much fun with you! I wasted no time with you, and you were so cool about it. I’m glad I made you laugh, you look so sexy in that outfit I requested. She is a 100% safety girl, but we still had so much fun, too much fun that we had to take a 10 min break Happy holiday,till we cross path again!
Stay sexy Stacey! ~PDXRated

Seen on 6/13/19 She is wonderful, accommodating, sweet, kind, demanding! In a good way. ~Mrfraizer

Seen On 6/3/19 GREAT Time :) Now we all know these are works of fantasy... and what a fantasy it was!!!She is VERY easy to contact and made setting up time and reaching her incall so very easy. Met her in nice upscale location and was met by a drop-dead-sexy lady. She is beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful conversationalist. After some nice chat about life we discussed menu... and decided for a little journey to the shores of the dark side. Have never tried but she walked me through possibilities. Some for now and some saved for a later visit. I will restrain (get it?) from many details but let's just say the descriptions of her CBJs are NO lie! I am usually pretty good at judging the time and preparing to leave when the agreed upon hour comes around. NOT THIS time... She had me in dreamland and I lost all perception of time and place... other than right then with her! Thanks so much and hope we can enjoy some of the other dark-side possibilities in the future.~Riverman2

Seen on 3/22/19 Loved meeting her. Hope to see you again.the foot massage was great. ~Jaybird69

Seen on 3/15/19 It’s not many black providers around the area which is sad because they are whom I’m most attracted to. When I saw she was here I had to see her. I texted her and went thru a quick and easy verification. She responded quickly and was very genuine. When she got here she was beautiful. She is hilarious and any nerves on either side were quickly dissipated. We talked for about 10 minutes joking and laughing. She’s a cool person.

Then the fun begins. Safety is of utmost importance to Her which some hobbyists may seem as a downside but I can assure you, you want to see Her. I read one of her reviews saying that she gave the best CBJ you’ll have. I was skeptical and thought maybe it was an exaggeration. BEST CBJ OF MY LIFE WTF. Didn’t even feel like there was a cover on. Her soft moaning and the way she took her time. There’s no way she doesn’t have an oral fixation. We went for some missionary which was good but what I really wanted was to experience some doggie. Her ass is so juicy. Like just handfuls. Man I swear I was going to town for 10 solid minutes back there no breaks. She was moaning and as I built up speed those moans increased and I could feel juiced dripping soaking my lil guy. Boy after 10 minutes going non-stop, I was outta breath. She sensed it and said, “here love you lay back and let me do what I do best”. Which was so sexy bc I have sometimes in the past felt like an inconvenience or feel I’ll run outta time. She was making experience stress-free and enjoyable.

I thought the opening CBJ was the best but She had tricks up her sleeve. Laying back, I was gassed, and she started off the finishing CBJ. Now she was moaning, slurping, bobbing up and down. She felt my body tending up and getting close took her other hand and cupped the family jewels and in about 30 more seconds, I exploded. I have never finished from a CBJ. NEVER. So my first reaction was like, “what the fuuuuuuu”. And she responded, “come on baby She has skills”. We laughed and talked more and just chilled. I booked for a hh but her whole time there ended up closer to an hour including conversations and jokes.

Man to man. You need to experience what She has to offer. Trust me. ~Justaguy11 

Seen on 3/4/19 Real down to earth girl ~cardog14

Seen on 11/24/18 Brought premium Snapchat. She was very helpful and very sexy. ~Jolsen12

Seen on 11/11/18 Very Professional and friendly person. Very inviting. ~deadlineobc

Seen on 10/25/18 I was just going to say amazing but that sounds cheesy. She is the person in the pics, though her hair is long now. She made me feel totally at ease, has a great sense of humor, very personable and was a totally fantastic experience. Attractive, fun, open minded and just a wonderful time spent with her. I waited a long time to see her and that is only thing I did wrong. I could not recommend more.

Seen On 10/13/18 Very nice gal. your next-Door-neighbor type. Easy going,not in a rush and gets into it. ~Medcert118

Seen On 9/22/18 I had a great time with Stacey. She looks just like her pictures if not better. She is very laid back and easy to converse with. Definitely a treasure up north and a must see for anyone wanting to have a relaxing time. She made it feel like she was a long time friend.

Seen on 8/25/2018 Had a wonderful BDSM session with Ms Stacey; she’s excellent with her mummification wrapping skills and very attentive. Always a great lady and fun to play with! ~Warden

Seen on 3/11/18 Just had a fantastic hour with Her. Great person to be around, easy to talk to and her laugh is contagious. Super sexy and very talented only negative is that Denver is not her home base! Can’t wait to see you next visit!

Seen On 2/17/18 Not really good at describing things, but I can say the experience was tremendous. She is absolutely gorgeous, and had an amazing touch! Will most certainly be back! A certified Ebony Queen! ~gokuismyhomie

Seen on 2/10/18 Had a fetish mummification session with her today. She is amazing, wrapped me up helpless, teased me crazy and left me happy when all was done. A very classy and fun lady! ~Warden

Seen on 1/19/18 She is always friendly, and easy to book with. I was impressed that she can accommodate early weekday mornings when most providers are probably passed out. She’s a pro with an awesome and warm personality and is very enthusiastic when it’s time for business. This was my third experience at her incall and we tried a new position and it was very enjoyable. She has one finely shaped booty. Loved the body stocking she greeted me in. Good luck on your travels, sweetie. ~Spectrasonice18